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About Us

Mike Braun of Local Gutter Cleaning Near Me Family

The owner, Mike Braun is very proficient when it comes to water management and rain gutter systems. Starting out as a laborer in the gutter business; installing gutters, downspouts gutter covers, underground French drains, gutter repair and gutter cleaning, Mike went on to owning and operating his own 4 crew seamless gutter firm with his wife Katie in the Metro, guttering over 2000 homes a year. In 2015, Mike and Katie had an opportunity to sell their gutter business to another company and took it.

Experience and Dedication

After a short time, Mike was unable to keep his mind out of the “gutter”, which is what brought him to this point of owning Local Gutter Cleaning Near Me. Being in the gutter business for 15+ years and knowing the gutter system inside and out has made it easy for Mike to know what the best solutions are for managing rain water rolling off of your roof. With his knowledge, he has also been able to better help home owners and property managers maintain an efficient gutter system that works and drains properly.

Always being an on hands kind of guy, Mike works the majority of his jobs from start to finish himself. From the initial inquiry, to bidding, to the actual cleaning of the gutter system, to the billing and follow-ups, he is a part of it all. When the season gets busy and the bigger projects get scheduled, Mike has a great team to assist him with getting the job completed.

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