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While climbing vines such as ivy and wisteria can be visually appealing, they can also cause significant damage to your MN home and roof. The following are the three major ways that climbing plants can cause damage to your home. Local Gutter Cleaning Near Me can help you with this problem.

  1. Trapped moisture: A thick layer of vines and leaves can leave little room for sunlight to shine through. This dark and damp environment traps moisture next to or on the surface of the masonry.
  2. Insects: Vines can be home to many insects; unfortunately, these climbing plants can give bugs and pests direct access to your home, wood trim, and siding.
  3. Roots and tendrils: Climbing plants need something to grip as they grow; for vines growing onto masonry, their roots and tendrils can create cracks and holes in the bricks and mortar as a way to grip and grow.

If you want to keep the vines on your chimney, winter is still a good time to have them trimmed. Dry, brittle branches near the top of the chimney can increase the risk of fire during the winter. Removing them from the area around the top of the chimney can protect the chimney while also preventing accidental fires.

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